These are the official specs and prices

The Google Pixel Tablet is official.  We have all the information about specs, prices and availability.

The Google Pixel Tablet is official. We have all the information about specs, prices and availability.

The Pixel Tablet was officially presented yesterday, May 10th, at the Google I/O. The manufacturer is back on the tablet market with a special twist:

The Pixel Tablet is a tablet and a smart display at the same time. You can find out everything about the release, prices and specs below.

Pixel Tablet: These are the specs

Unsurprisingly, but mentioned for the sake of completeness, the tablet runs Android 13. Google emphasized at the I/O that they have optimized the operating system for tablets and foldables.

The screen has a screen diagonal of 11 inches in a 16:10 format and has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. You can unlock the tablet via fingerprint sensor.

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Four loudspeakers for stereo sound are installed on the flounder, which can be used by the user. Three microphones are at your side for video conferences.

The tablet is powered by the Tensor G2 processor, which is also found in the new Pixel 7a and the Pixel Fold.

The 8-core processor is supported by 8 GB of RAM. You can choose between 128 GB and 256 GB for your data.

The Dock is included with the Pixel Tablet.

The Dock is included with the Pixel Tablet.

A special feature of the Pixel Tablet: Google has installed a Chromecast.

The 7000 mAh battery is charged either via the USB-C socket or the included dock. This is where another special feature of the tablet comes into play.

If you place the Pixel tablet on the dock, it automatically becomes a smart display, which is similar to the Nest devices.

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In this mode, audio and video content can be streamed to the device via Chromecast. The sound then goes out via the dock, which according to Google promises a stronger bass.

Pixel Tablet Pricing and Availability

The Pixel Tablet can already be pre-ordered in two variants on the official website. The device will be shipped on June 21st.

The prices are as follows:

  • 128 GB: 679 Euro
  • 256 GB: 799 Euro

Porcelain (beige) and Hazel (grey-black) are available as color choices.

You can read everything about the Google I/O again in our live ticker.

Your opinion: What do you think of the Pixel Tablet? Is it serious competition for Apple or is Google going its own way? Are you going to pre-order the tablet and do you like the idea of ​​the charging dock? What did you think of the developer conference overall? As always, let us know in the comments below!

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