These are the foods (and packaging) in which the virus endures longest

In the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, there were many doubts about how long the covid-19 virus could resist in a food. A criterion of maximum prudence was then chosen, acting as if we were always in the worst-case scenario.

Now, as the pandemic has entered its third year, a study by the University of Southampton for the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has analyzed (and determined) in which foods and packaging remains the coronavirus for longer.

For this report they have chosen products that can be consumed without cooking or washing. The virus was artificially inoculated prior to the trials, so presumably much higher levels than usual have been studied. At lower levels, the time it takes for the virus to disappear is also shorter.

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In their research, the scientists have confirmed one of the main hypotheses they were handling “The Probability of contracting the coronavirus through food is very low..” In any case, experts recommend following an elementary safety measure: washing hands and washing fresh produce.

From one day to one week

As a general rule, it takes Covid-19 from disappear from most foods about 24 hours. In some cases, however, it may remain for a week. This is its ‘resistance’ depending on the type of food:Fresh fruits and vegetables: takes longer to disappear on uneven surfaces, such as that of the broccoli or raspberries.. However, in those with smooth skins, such as applesdisappears in a shorter period, within hours or minutes. In some refrigerated fresh peppers the virus has been detected up to a week later.

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Baked goods: in baked cakes with egg on top, the coronavirus begins to disappear within a few hours. Eggs have arachidonic acid and could have a antiviral effect.Meat and cheeses: have a high protein and fat content. Therefore, covid-19 may remain in the one week.

Beverage and prepared food containers.

Coronavirus survives for different lengths of time depending on the material:

Plastic: one week.

Cardboard: various days.

Aluminum cans: only a few hours

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