The used car industry is following in Tesla’s footsteps: how cars will be sold

And the used car industry is starting to copy Tesla.

The famous second-hand car site tests online car sales, moving from the ad business to the trade business. The decision comes after another famous site, Autoscout24, entered online car sales.

Both sites have Romanian language versions and are widely used by Romanians for the purchase of used cars, especially on the German market.

All surveys conducted so far show that the public is very interested in buying cars online, if they come from a reliable source. will start a new business segment, that of online sales. Basically, the site enters the field of its customers so far, car dealers, who paid to display their products. From now on, site visitors will be able to buy cars directly.

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Basically, the second-hand giant is trying to capture a huge market segment.

In fact, Tesla was the first name in the automotive industry to start selling cars using the power of the Internet.

The future means online

The first weeks will be a test so that they can observe the behavior of customers and adjust their sales. The online SH car sales business will be run by Allianz Instamotion, an Allianz-controlled company that specializes in used car sales.

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Autoscout24 has already started selling used cars online, customers can select any car on display for sale, similar to the searches so far, but at the end of the search, they can opt for the purchase on the spot. According to the first information provided by the site, about 80 online sales have already been made.

Online car sales have already gained momentum in the area of ​​new cars, at the official dealers of car brands. More and more manufacturers are organizing their sales according to a new business model, so that they can sell cars online, dealers will only complete the procedures regarding the car documents.

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