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The United States specifies that it does not participate in the location of Russian generals in Ukraine



Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has clarified that the United States provides battlefield intelligence to kyiv to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces “defend their country”, but has specified that it does not participate in the location of high-ranking military officials. Russians with the aim of neutralizing them on Ukrainian territory.

“Ukraine combines the information that we and other partners provide with the intelligence that they themselves collect on the battlefield, and then they make their own decisions and have their own actions. I think it is important not to forget that this is a war that was started by the Russians and, of course, they can finish it tomorrow,” Kirby said at a press conference.

This clarification comes after information published by the newspaper ‘The New York Times’, which assured this Thursday that US intelligence had provided data to kyiv about Russian military units to help Ukrainian forces attack generals in the field of battle.

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In its article, the aforementioned newspaper has estimated the number of Russian generals killed on the front lines at twelve since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, and has detailed that Washington had shared with kyiv the real-time location of the mobile barracks of the Russian Army , as well as troop movements in the Donbas region.

At first, the Pentagon spokesman told ‘The New York Times’ that he was not going to comment on this article, but he did indicate that the United States provides “Ukraine with information and intelligence that (the Ukrainians) can use to defend themselves” .

This same Thursday, the Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, has assured that the intelligence information transmitted by NATO member states and other countries does not interfere with the operations carried out by the Russian Army in Ukraine.

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Peskov has assured that these data “do not hinder the work of the Russian forces or prevent them from achieving their objectives,” according to information from the Interfax news agency.

“Our Army is aware that the United States, the United Kingdom and NATO as a whole are constantly sending intelligence information to the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” he asserted.

Thus, he has insisted that “this is well known” and has also ruled out that the shipment of weapons by these same countries will have any long-term effect. “It will not undermine the successes of the Russian military operation in the area,” he stressed.

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