Home Health The United States registers its first infection with monkeypox

The United States registers its first infection with monkeypox

  • The virus has been detected in a man who recently traveled to Canada

The authorities of The US has detected a first case of monkey pox in a man residing in the state of Massachusetts (northeast of the country). This is an adult man who had recently traveled to Canada, the Massachusetts health department said in a statement. The Massachusetts health department did initial tests on Tuesday to detect the disease and, later, the government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English) confirmed that it was monkeypox.

The symptoms of monkeypox are similar to that of the already eradicated smallpoxalthough somewhat milder – fever, headache, muscle pain, back pain, chills and exhaustion – and there is often swollen glands and a skin rash, which begins on the face and spreads to other parts of the body, mainly hands and feet.

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This is the first case of monkeypox detected in the US this year. The states of Texas and Maryland each reported one case in 2021 with patients who had recently traveled to Nigeria.

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