The Ukrainian Army claims it has killed 400 Russian soldiers in 24 hours

File - A Ukrainian soldier in Bucha, outside of kyiv, Ukraine

File – A Ukrainian soldier in Bucha, outside of kyiv, Ukraine – Matthew Hatcher/SOPA Images via / DPA – File

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces have assured this Sunday in their daily balance that in the last 24 hours they have killed 400 Russian soldiers, which adds up to some 25,500 Russian soldiers killed since the beginning of the invasion, on February 24, always according to the Kyiv version.

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The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has also reported two Russian boats and a helicopter destroyed in the last day.

Most of these casualties would correspond to the Novopavlovsk region, while an Mi-8 helicopter was shot down in the Serpent Island area. In addition, near Zmiini, Ukrainian forces have destroyed a Serna-type amphibious ship.

The balance also includes 1,130 combat tanks, 2,700 armored vehicles, 509 artillery pieces, 179 mobile missile launchers, 86 anti-aircraft pieces, 199 planes and helicopters, 1,961 logistics vehicles, twelve boats, 360 drones and 92 guided missiles.

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