The trap in the drivers’ cars: The detail that many Romanians ignore and can bring them a fine of 2,900 lei

Traps in drivers’ cars can result in severe fines. Find out what you should not do when you are behind the wheel so as not to risk a fine that can reach the amount of 2,900 lei.

Pets are among everyone’s favorites. When it can be left in someone’s care, your cat or dog is not an extra responsibility, but sometimes we have to take them with us when we go somewhere. Some drivers choose to transport them by car, but without keeping them in a special cage for transport, and this can cost them dearly.

So, if you are an animal lover, you should think about the fact that when you choose to transport an animal to the front seat, it can be a real trap for you. The quadruped, if not kept in a special cage, can distract you from driving or, even worse, can physically affect the steering or pedals.

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Apart from the fact that the pet in the front seat can attract a hefty fine, at the same time, this can cost you even more, namely life. Every time you decide to drive with your pet, make sure you’ve exhausted all the people he or she could care for. If there is no one to take care of your quadruped, then choose a specially designed cage to put in the back seat for transport.

The trap in the cars of drivers that can attract stinging fines

Currently, the value of a fine point is 145 lei, so those who transport animals in the front seat of the car is between 1,305 and 2,900 lei. Compared to the fine for not wearing a seat belt, it is classified in Class I of contraventions, which attracts the sanction with a fine between 290 and 435 lei.

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Drivers are not allowed to carry small children, pets or any other animal in the front seats of cars. In the case of drivers who nevertheless choose to do so, they risk the penalty of a fine which is provided for in the fourth class of penalties, ie between 9 and 20 points fine.

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