The tragic end of the “good girl” from “Maria, Mirabela”: Gilda Manolescu, the actress from one of the most famous Romanian films had a heartbreaking fate

Gilda Manolescu was born in 1974 and ended tragically in 2009, at only 34 years old. She was one of Romania’s most popular actresses and is best known for her role as the “good girl” in the famous Romanian film “Maria, Mirabela”.

Gilda Manolescu was a child actor. She became well known and recognized, as mentioned, after playing the lead role of Maria in the 1981 Romanian-Soviet fantasy film “Maria, Mirabela”, directed by Ion Popescu-Gopo in collaboration with Natalia Bodiul. The Romanian-Soviet film “Maria, Mirabela”, directed by Ion Popescu-Gopo, was made in 1981 and became one of the most popular films in the USSR. The production was broadcast in Romanian with Russian dubbing.

After the premiere of the film, she went to Germany with her mother, who had married a German, and settled there. Thus, the talented actress gave up acting for good. She was only six years old, far too early for such a talented child to give up forever a profession that would have brought her only success.

Once in Germany, she decided to pursue a career in the arts as well, so she dedicated herself to ballet. Sadly, this dream too was shattered when a serious traffic accident put an end to her desire to perform on the world’s most important stages as a ballerina.

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Actress Gilda Manolescu died prematurely

According to Gilda’s mother, her daughter had an affair with a boy, which caused her to suffer in the serious traffic accident that forced her to give up dancing. Gilda’s boyfriend reportedly had a drug problem and influenced the girl to use banned substances. As a result, Gilda Manolescu was on the verge of depression.

“I couldn’t stand it, I felt that this relationship would not end well. He was a drug addict and, as far as I remember, they were both high when they got in the car. They were arguing, and he crashed into a wall at high speed,” the actress’s mother recounted, according to Russian media reports.

Wanting to make a change in her life, she moved to the German capital. In Berlin, she took a job in a flower shop. But fate was not to be kind to her after so much suffering. Sources say that in Berlin, an ex-con kidnapped and raped her for three days.

“She went outside and started for home. A car stopped near her, from which a man jumped out and restrained her with a spray can. For three days he raped her. It was horrible. Gilda’s health deteriorated. Eventually, she died of kidney failure,” the actress’s mother said, according to the same source.

Her health deteriorated and she died in 2009, aged just 34. The official cause of death, according to Wikipedia, was complications leading to kidney failure. The end of her life is truly tragic.

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Medeea Marinescu, one of the most appreciated actresses in Romania, was Gilda Manolescu’s set partner in the filming of the production “Maria, Mirabela”. Medeea played the “bad girl”. Medeea Marinescu, known throughout the former Soviet Union for her role in the Romanian-Soviet film, was invited to a talk show on Russian TV channel NTV, “The Stars Have Reunited”, an edition dedicated to actors from the most popular children’s films, according to

The actress said that after starring in the film “Maria, Mirabela” alongside Gilda, she practically stopped communicating with her co-star, who played Maria. Medea said she tried to contact her colleague, but she reportedly refused to talk to her.

“Sometimes, in order to survive, to move forward, we have to give nothing away. Let’s keep Gilda in our memory as we knew her in Maria, Mirabela,” the Romanian actress said in the Russian studio.

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