The tragic story of the beautiful Romanian Armani girl: Catalina Isopescu’s destiny ended before her time

Although, at first glance, Cătălinei Isopescu’s name may not mean much to you, fashion enthusiasts will agree that she was one of the most beautiful Romanian women of all time.

Cătălina Isopescu was, in the 1990s, one of the most elegant and suave appearances. “Cătălina had a princely elegance, she walked on clouds, her hand gesture, her body posture were descended from heaven. She had strength in expression, but tenderness in gesture. She was that model who made the clothes she wore an art”, the story about the beautiful Romanian woman goes.

She is the daughter of fellow journalist and television personality Emanuel Isopescu.

Cătălina Isopescu – archive image

Cătălina Isopescu, an ambitious girl, not only beautiful

According to an unofficial biography, Cătălina Isopescu went to Munich, Germany, at the age of 18. This country was to change her destiny forever, albeit indirectly.

Walking down a street, Cătălina had the good fortune to catch sight of the Vogue headquarters.

Full of enthusiasm, the beautiful girl walked in and immediately told the front desk that she wanted to work for them.

Not exactly on the same wavelength, the employees didn’t look upon her with much confidence, turning her down. Instead, they gave her the addresses of several modeling agencies. Of all of them, Louisa Models would give her a chance to start.

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She did a few catalogs, an ad for Braun, but the offers weren’t exactly pouring in.

Noticing this, he chooses to quit Louisa Models and sign up with Munich Models. From there, she was sent to Milan, where she spent six months.

It was in Milan that her luck finally ran out. She became a catwalk regular, was often seen in showrooms, catalogues, pictorials and worked with Elite Milano, but most importantly, for Armani, Mariella Burani or Alberta Ferretti.

Armani chose her as one of three girls to represent the image of the company.

At some point, however, Cătălina Isopescu began to tire, so she gave up her frequent travels, feeling it was finally time for a big change.

She returned to Romania, where she received her Look of the Year license. In case you didn’t know, famous TV presenter Andreea Raicu won this competition in 1995.

Years later, she set up an advertising agency called CAP with Costin Popescu, which by 2009 had become quite successful.

Cătălina Isopescu
Cătălina Isopescu – archive image

The implacable destiny of Cătălina Isopescu

However, Catalina Isopescu’s destiny came to an abrupt end, before the beautiful Romanian woman could turn 50.

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“She had been struggling for about four years. She was treated in a private hospital in Romania. Her condition worsened in the summer of 2020.

When she was last admitted to the hospital, more precisely in the last month, she asked her boyfriend and big sister Ioana to bring her home, that there she wanted to settle her accounts with fate, not surrounded by doctors and nurses.

She felt she had practically no chance,” sources close to Cătăline Isopescu told the press at the time.

According to information circulating in the press, Isopescu had suffered from laryngeal cancer and for months had undergone several operations, but had also undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Eventually, despite all the interventions, the disease would relapse and bring about his death.

Perhaps one of the most artistic videos in which Cătălina Isopescu can be seen is the video for the song “Seduction” by Direcția 5.

The music is written by Marian Ionescu and Răzvan Mirică, with lyrics by Răzvan Mirică. The album “Seducție” was released in 1993, and the band was composed of Toni Șeicărescu (vocals), Marian Ionescu (bass guitar, guitar, piano), Vlaicu Giurgea (guitar), Răzvan Mirică (guitar, vocals), Cătălin Onoiu (keyboards) and Florin Ionescu (drums).The video was directed by Dan Chișu, in 1991.

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