Galaxy Z Flip5, ready with a much larger outer screen and main screen without a crease in the fold area

Not expected for another few months, the Galaxy Z Flip5 will have to catch up with rivals such as the Oppo Find N2 Flip, the latter of which has already appeared in working prototype form.

It’s not yet certain whether Oppo has taken inspiration from Samsung, or vice versa, but the unannounced Oppo Find N2 Flip has already appeared in an unofficial clip with a 3.3″-3.4″ screen, much larger than the 1.9″ solution offered on the Z Flip4. It’s therefore somewhat inevitable that the Galaxy Z Flip5 replacement will offer at least as generous an exterior screen as rival products. But this is just one of the arguments with which Samsung will try to attract undecided buyers, the South Koreans’ experience in the foldable phone niche being at least 1-2 generations ahead of any product developed by the competition.

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According to rumors so far, Samsung is readying the Galaxy Z Flip5 with a 3.26-inch screen, with the exterior design placing slightly more emphasis on aesthetics than absolute display area. In addition, the main screen housed inside also gets major improvements, such as a hinge to “reduce the visibility of the fold area” without compromising on the reliability side. It’s worth saying that other recent generation folders, such as the Motorola RAZR 5G, already offer a screen with no visible crease in the folding area, with Samsung choosing to stick with a folding mechanism design that has proven its reliability over time.

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We can only assume that, in the meantime, Samsung has arrived at the ideal formula for foldable screens without a crease, eliminating one of the shortcomings foldable phone owners find almost immediately after ditching the old hard-screen phone.

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