The Simpsons enters the minefield: the Death Note parody shows Homer, Lisa, Marge and Bart in a new guise

Springfield’s most famous family is reimagined anime-style in what will be called Death Tome in “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII”.

The episode is the second belonging to The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror” from 2022, and will air on October 30.

Centered on horror parodies, “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” is set to take on a wide range of genres. From Marge Simpson (Julie Kavner) facing an entity inspired by The Babadook, to Homer (Dan Castellaneta) wreaking havoc in Westworld.

Homage to one of the most beloved anime of all time

However, the third segment of the episode will reimagine Springfield, changing the style of graphics, and that’s because The Simpsons wants to pay homage to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s upcoming anime and manga series, Death Note.

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While the “Treehouse of Horror” parody has already moved away from the show’s Halloween tradition, “Death Tome” stood out among the 2022 season specials for its animation style, which is incredibly faithful to the source material.

Admittedly, subsequent seasons of The Simpsons faced criticism from fans, but even so, the show continued to experiment with the format.

From the Fargo parody in the two-part Season 33 episode “A Serious Flanders” and the unexpected Season 34 meta twist “Lisa the Boy Scout,” the show treated audiences to new interpretations of the show and wanted, in some ways, to reinvent the “old” franchise.

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“Death Tome,” from “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII,” completely reimagines the world of The Simpsons and brings it to anime made in the mid-2000s. It remains to be seen how well The Simpsons cartoonists’ and writers’ new guide will “catch on” with audiences, and especially if they will manage to preserve, at least a little, the spirit that has enshrined The Simpsons for so many years.

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