The Romanian film that breaks the Netflix charts. It’s the most watched and you must see it too

At first glance on the most popular streaming platform, Netflix, it seems Romanians are starting to get a taste for Romanian films more and more. Thus, Mirciulică is the Romanian film that stayed on top of the Netflix charts for a few days.

The Romanian film industry seems to have gained an impressive momentum again, as many of the films released lately have managed to sell out. The first title to generate a frenzy among Romanian cinephiles was “Team Building”.

Thousands of Romanians flocked to catch a seat at the film’s screening, and everywhere you heard about the brilliant comedy featuring Romania’s best-known comedians of today. This was just the beginning, and later another film would quickly climb the charts.

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The Romanian film that stays in the Netflix charts

This is “Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals”, in which the reality of Romanian society regarding the neighbors “over the fence” is portrayed to some extent. The third film comes all the way from Cluj and has managed to stay at the top of the list of Romanian favourites on the Netflix streaming platform for several days.

The film “Mirciuliucă” was directed by one of the most famous Romanian vloggers, Mircea Bravo, and was released in cinemas last October. The story follows the life of Mircea, a 30-year-old from Gherla.

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netflix Romanian film
Most watched movie, number 1 in Romania Netflix – Mirciulica – Mircea Bravo

After taking a magistrate’s exam, he is disheartened that he did not pass it and must return to his parents’ home with his mother and father. He ends up taking a job as a lawyer with a sanitation company owned by an influential local man who is preparing to run for parliament.

However, the story takes an unexpected turn after Mircea becomes the “right-hand man” of the local baron’s wife. From there, the adventures of the incorruptible young man begin, and at one point he makes an unexpected decision, even though he could have been playing by the local corruption custom.

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