The Romanian film that breaks records on Netflix: the current story, so popular

Netflix has been, is, and will remain the most popular streaming platform for some time. For Romanians, the giant offers an impressive collection of Romanian films, so it’s easy to see why it’s still so successful in our country.

It looks like a certain Romanian film will soon make waves and has a chance to surpass the records set by other, much better-known productions.

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The home-made movie with Romanian actors that will mess up Netflix

The cast of the film that turned Netflix upside down includes well-known and lesser-known Romanian actors, including Valentin Popescu, Bogdan Farcaș, Emanuel Pârvu and Ioana Bugarin, but that’s not all. In the film you can also see Vasile Muraru, Dragoș Dumitru, Ana Ularu, Ana Popescu and Andrei Aradits.

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“Unidentified” is the name of the Romanian film that has a real chance of breaking the ratings barrier, and you can see it right now on Netflix.

It was released two years ago and was nominated at the 16th Gopo Awards gala in several categories in the Romanian competition.

The film tells the story of policeman Florin Iespas (Bogdan Farcaș), who goes through extremely difficult moments in his life and, in parallel, becomes obsessed with a possible unsolved arson case in which two people died.

He is convinced that Bănel (Dragoș Dumitru), a young Roma man, is involved and tries to build a case against him, struggling not to cross the line between professional ethics and abuse of power, which is often hard to do. Things take an unexpected turn in no time when more details of Florin’s life come to light, disrupting the smooth running of the investigation, as you’ve probably already figured out.

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