Galaxy A23 5G sales 70% below Samsung expectations. The reason

According to revelations in the South Korean press, Samsung has lowered its sales estimates for the Galaxy A23 5G to just 4 million units, 70% less than the 12.6 million unit plan presented to investors earlier this year. By comparison, estimates for the lower-end Galaxy A23 4G model are for 17.1 million units sold by the end of the year.

Apparently, the cause of this failure would be a hardware defect discovered at a very late stage of product development. According to the same sources cited by TheElec publication, “a certain feature, which was supposed to be on the phone, caused serious problems with the phone’s operation,” forcing Samsung to delay the official launch for over a month while the good company’s engineers looked for solutions to fix the flaw.

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What is certain is that while the 4G version of the Galaxy A23 arrived on store shelves as early as March, the 5G model could only be ordered in September. With not much time left, Samsung has lowered the A23 5G sales target to “under 4 million units” for 2022 and another 5 million for 2023, respectively.

Fortunately for Samsung, the defect investigated before the product left the company’s labs did not result in image damage, as has happened on other occasions. In fact, the secret is so closely guarded that even today it is still unclear what delayed the launch of the Galaxy A23 5G.

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Available in stores in Romania, the Galaxy A23 5G can be ordered for around 1100 RON.

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