The Romanian film on Netflix that tells our story, the Romanians: you should not miss it

If you’re in the mood for a really good Romanian movie, this might be a good option for a quiet weekend day.

Memories of the Golden Age is a film in two parts, each of which in turn is a collection of small stories that tend to characterise pre-1989 Romania.

One could say that Memories of the Golden Age is the Romanian version of the German film Goodbye, Lenin, all adapted to our culture and events.

As mentioned in the title, this Romanian film tells the story of us, the Romanians, and is obviously not to be missed under any circumstances.

You can find it on Netflix.

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Memories of communism, still alive

Of course, in more than 30 years, things seem to have changed around here. However, the spirit of communism can still be seen here and there, both in the mentality of some of us and in the architectural ruins that serve as a reminder of a sad time.

Memories of the Golden Age (2009) is a two-part film by Cristian Mungiu, starring Diana Cavallioti, Vlad Ivanov, Tania Popa, Teodor Corban, Gabriel Spahiu and Radu Iacoban.

In case you’re stuck for ideas, you can give this film a chance, since there’s a real chance it will entertain you, whether or not you lived through those troubled times.

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Each short story contains an urban (or even rural, if I may say so myself) legend from the period before the fall of communism.

You will have the opportunity to see how a Christmas pig was burned in the apartment, how profit was made from the sale of empty bottles or even how “rare goods” were trafficked, for the sole purpose of barter, since, in those days, money was almost useless because you didn’t have much to buy with it.

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