Anyone who wears the Apple Watch during sports will be happy about this innovation

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

The following scenario: Breathable thermal running pants pulled on and running shoes put on your feet, you make your trusty track and field facility – and wait … and wait … and wait … because only after you’ve done a few laps on the track does your smart watch calibrate itself – and finally depicts your career correctly. So familiar, so annoying.

Automatic career recognition

The Apple Watch has recently been added to the feature Automatic career recognition or Track Mode expanded. These were only activated this weekend. So the feature is brand new, specifically aimed at joggers, runners and other recreational and professional athletes who rely on a smart watch on their wrist.

Apple advertises that its trajectory recognition should be faster compared to similar functions from competitors – that means: Instead of doing a few laps on the tartan track until the app has mapped the trajectory, the Apple Watch should already represent the track when entering the start straight for the first time.

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Just last week, colleague Patrick Schneider reported on another newly added function of the Apple Watch – more precisely, on a feature that is particularly worthwhile for users who suffer from diabetes.

How does it work?

Apple gets the data it needs from three sources: In addition to GPS and map data, a database is used, which is fed with information on sports facilities. With the help of this data trio, the display of distances traveled should be even more correct. A special feature: It should also be possible for athletes to switch from one track to the next – without the Apple Watch getting stubborn or struggling with track recognition.

However, it is not known how many sports facilities in Germany have been entered into the corresponding database to date. So there is a question mark behind the question of whether the tartan track of your choice has also been entered into the database.

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An operating system update should not be necessary to activate the new function. However, at least that will be the case WatchOS 9.2 operating system required. The function will also only ab der Apple Watch Series 4 offered.

Do you jump for joy at the automatic path recognition for your Apple Watch – or is the only sport you do consciously shuffling from the computer to the fridge and back again? Do you use the Apple Watch or another smart watch to document your sporting successes – or do you carry a little book with you that you write down by hand? Exchange ideas in our comments – whether it’s a sports cannon, body clown or something in between!


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