The registration numbers on the cars of these Romanians are changing: what is the explanation, what does it help?

Romania’s registration numbers have not changed significantly in the last 30 years, but this will change in the near future and will be reflected in a number of important benefits for Romanian drivers.

For about a year now, the scenario has been in the public space according to which clean cars, with zero CO2 emissions, have green registration numbers. In addition to the fact that they will be easier to differentiate in traffic, this color detail will be reflected in a number of facilities, such as tax reductions or free parking in certain areas. At this time, the initiative is under public debate in the form of a law. If promulgated, the document will, in fact, implement an amendment to the Road Code Regulation last autumn.

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Clean cars come with green numbers and important benefits

According to the draft order accessible at this address, zero-emission cars will receive license plates with green letters and numbers. The cars that will fall into this category are those that are purely electric or those powered by hydrogen (fuel cell).

In the first phase, the initiative came as a mechanism for easier identification of these cars. Subsequently, the same green registration numbers could underlie certain incentives. The list of possibilities includes tax reductions, access to bus lanes, free entry to restricted areas or parking facilities, as stated in the draft legislation.

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For the context, the introduction of toll-free numbers was established in the autumn by a Government decision amending the Regulation for the application of the Highway Code. Basically, the draft order will be an implementation of the measure given by the Executive, according to the data obtained by Consequently, Romanian drivers will enjoy an additional incentive to give up cars that use internal combustion engines, in addition to the Rabla Plus program which subsidizes with up to 51,000 lei the purchase of a new vehicle purely electric or powered by hydrogen, if those interested in scrapping two used cars.

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