The record of 741 billion SHIB transferred to be sold, the price of Shiba Inu could collapse

In addition, more than half a trillion Shiba Inu tokens have been put into play. Data collected by Etherscan shows that over three hours ago, a mysterious wallet

0xf05e2a70346560d3228c7002194bb7c5dc8fe100 moved a total of 164,980,505,611 Shiba Inu memes to a wallet that turned out to belong to Binance – “Binance 14“, obviously to sell this reserve, which could make the price of the Shiba Inu collapse.

Today, this portfolio contains no Shiba Inu. Before that, in the last 12 days, this whale had more than a dozen incoming trades that sent about 100 billion SHIB.

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Today, this whale sold its entire supply of SHIB that it had recently accumulated. In fiat, this amount of crypto meme is equal to $1,997,913.

576 billion SHIB sent to staking pools

Two more transactions noted on Etherscan show that in the last 14 hours a staggering 576 billion Shiba Inu was sent to staking pools.

76,095,212,376 coins were transferred to Unicorn exchange. A sum of 499,998,718,826 SHIB worth $6,055,991 was also transferred to an unidentified pool.

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According to data from the shibburn tracking website, a total of 30,037,971,864,244 SHIB have been placed in various pools to date, while 410,380,074,537,062 Shiba Inu have been removed from circulation by burning.

There are 559,581,953,598,693 Shiba Inu coins remaining in circulation.

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