The place in Romania where you have to get at least once in this life: the railway with a unique road in the world

The place in Romania is unique in the world, and a year ago it was declared the Destination of the Year in a competition that took place on the Prima TV television station. This is where the possible tourist destination is on the map of our country.

Romania is known both in Europe and in the world for the story places it has. More than once, these places have been mentioned in publications abroad. The place in Romania that can be called a fairytale is a unique railway.

Banatul Montan was declared the Destination of the Year in 2021, presenting several places of story. One of them is Semeringul Bănățean, the Oravița – Anina railway, being the oldest mountain railway on the Romanian territory.

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the place in Romania
This railway is unique in Romania PHOTO –

In the age of social networks, the official Facebook page, “Banatul Montan” is one of the most suitable and successful tools for promoting the place of the story. The page presents the tourist attractions that many Romanians have taken by storm in their itineraries, but also lesser known places that offer a visual spectacle.

The place in Romania that you should not miss

Those in charge of managing the page have provided visitors with a guide to Banat Montan. In this guide, the Banat Semering is also mentioned. They also presented several reasons not to miss this tourist attraction.

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First of all, this is the first mountain railway in Romania and, at the same time, the most spectacular, being inaugurated on December 15, 1863. It also has 14 tunnels and 10 viaducts and measures a length of 33.4 km. , with a level difference of 338 meters.

the place in Romania
The railway was inaugurated in 1863

It starts at an altitude of 218 meters in Oravița and reaches 558 meters in Anina. This construction is unique in Romania due to the inclination slopes of 20 per thousand and the radii of curves of only 113 meters. Everything is built of “carved stone”, with 21 km of rock cutting.

To convince yourself, you can take a look at the official Facebook page, HERE, and it can become your next tourist destination, especially since the good weather seems to be on our side.

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