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The pandemic has not passed. Lidl brings a useful device in these times


The COIVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of being near an end, so authorities, shops and people are again taking more serious protective measures. The number of people wearing masks on public transport has increased, containers of disinfectant gel in shops are once again full of liquid and working, and Lidl has brought back an automatic foam dispenser.

The Silvercrest-branded sensor device dispenses foam (made from liquid soap mixed with water; any variety works) without the user touching it, to provide a higher level of hygiene. The product, which will cost 65 lei, has a 250-millilitre capacity tank. The dispenser runs on batteries (4 x AAA, included in the box) and will be guaranteed for 3 years.

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Silvercrest dispenser to be sold by Lidl (Photo: YouTube / TechGuru Andrew)

The dispenser’s Power button is hidden under a cover. Also there is a button that doubles the amount of foam released.

The sensor dispenser is splash-proof and IPX4 certified. To keep it from moving on the surface it’s placed on, the device has rubber feet at the base.

The device will arrive in Lidl stores on Monday 1 August.

You can see a review of the device on TechGuru Andrew’s YouTube channel:

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