The old Romanian films come with an important warning: the strange project of the CNA

CNA is planning a more than bizarre project, which aims at all Romanian films made before 1989.

Specifically, the televisions that choose to broadcast Romanian productions made in the Golden Age, ie before 1989, will be obliged to inform the public about this aspect. The recommendation was approved on Tuesday by the National Audiovisual Council (CNA).

Amza Pelea in the film “Nea Marin billionaire” (Photo: Buftea Studios / Facebook)

The new CNA measure would target young people in particular

The reason for such a decision is related to the censorship of that period, but also to the falsification or truncation of certain information in the films. The young people of 2022, those who did not live in communism, may not realize that those films often lacked the truth component. In order to shed light, CNA proposed that all productions made during that period be marked as such, either by a C, symbolizing the censorship component, or by some other agreed-upon mode of television.

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“We had on the table a USR project that aimed to shed some light on the field of films made before ’89, marking with a ‘C’, from ‘censorship’, on the screen those films. We considered the formula to be slightly excessive and gave an opinion with remarks and, further, we decided to come up with a solution, according to our powers, so to speak. I then proposed a recommendation to warn the public about these productions and to try, in a way, to put them in the context of the era “, said Răsvan Popescu, the initiator of this project.

He also said that young people could fall into the trap of false information exposed then, in the absence of an explanation: “They do not know, they have nowhere to go, what is it like to live in a country without freedom of expression, in that censorship and propaganda falsified reality, so that the dispossession of the peasants of land, for example, by collectivization was a positive fact; likewise, the nationalization of factories, and resistance in the mountains was seen as an act of national betrayal. There were only a few examples that can be found in the cinematography of the time “, he added.

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In conclusion, from now on we will have all the chances to see on the screen the following warnings, before watching on TV a film made before 1989: “Film made during the communist period, in which the broadcast was conditioned by a censorship visa” or “Film made during the communist period, when censorship and state propaganda functioned ”.

Photo: Buftea Studios / Facebook

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