The next Game of Thrones will not be House of the Dragon: what series is being prepared for us

Of all the “Game of Thrones” spin-offs in production, “House of the Dragon” is by far the most anticipated. However, a new production could be even closer to the world of Westeros.

According to the information we have at the moment, there would be an even more interesting spin-off: “10,000 Ships”. “Game of Thrones” ended in May 2019, after eight seasons extremely well rated by both critics and fans. He also received 12 Primetime Emmy Awards. However, it can be said that the last two seasons did not live up to the public’s expectations, since the narrative turned out to be, most of the time, tangled and uneven. Even so, the two seasons did not lack record-breaking viewings – at least out of inertia and nostalgia, if for no other reason.

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The first spin-off that has already passed the pilot stage, being ready for release, is the serial film “House of the Dragon”, whose action will focus on the Targaryen family’s civil war.

“10,000 Ships” could surpass “House of the Dragon” and become the next “Game of Thrones”

“10,000 Ships” is preparing for its launch and will tell the story of Princess Nymeria, who has been ruling his kingdom for over two decades. The action takes place, from a temporal point of view, about 1,000 years before “A song of Ice and Fire”, which turns the production into “alpha” of the Thrones universe. According to the legend in the script, Nymeria is forced to burn her entire fleet as she crosses a canal in the Summer Sea to escape the wrath of the dragons of Essos.

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The first step towards the realization of “10,000 Ships” was made in May 2021, when Amanda Segel announced, for the first time, that she would participate in writing the script for the new series.

It is suspected that “10,000 Ships” could become a real hit among fans.

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