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The newest Tesla is an older model, but different: the novelties you’ve long wanted


Unlike other manufacturers in the market, Tesla does not have a very diverse portfolio of cars, but offers a lot of versions for each of them. Sometimes the differences are so great that the general perception is that a new model has been launched, as in the case of the “new” Model Y.

Tesla employees can already enjoy a cheaper Model Y with larger batteries that they can buy. It should be available to the general public in the coming months, but the most important thing is that it exists.

The new Model Y, cheaper and with bigger batteries

One of the largest batteries that Tesla includes in its cars are 4680 cells, and is now available in a Model Y, according to data obtained by Electrek.

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For reference, a Model Y in the Standard Range AWD version with a 4680-cell battery comes with a range of 450 kilometers and an ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5 seconds. The purchase price is $ 60,000, 3,000 less than the Long Range AWD version. The abbreviation at the end refers to All-wheel Drive (4 × 4 all-wheel drive).

Sources close to the quoted publication mentioned that, although the new Model Y variant is currently only available to employees, it should not take more than a few weeks before it can get its hands on a copy.

Other features that make the difference between this model and other older versions of the Model Y include the central armrest with magnetic system, respectively the trunk lid which, apparently, was not a standard feature. The first such units were already delivered to employees last week.

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However, the mainstay of these cars is the 4680-cell battery. It is twice as large as the previous one, but has a capacity five times larger. It depends on the manufacturer whether he will implement smaller batteries with such a density, gaining space or opting to increase the autonomy. Regardless of the scenario, with such technological upgrades, we’re getting a little closer to that $ 25,000 Tesla car that Elon Musk kept driving.

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