The Lightning Network coming to Coinbase: Brian Armstrong

The boss of theexchange confirmed that the Bitcoin overlay would be offered on Coinbase. “The Lightning is great and something we will integrate “, he said.

This weekend, in response to a bitcoiner who was questioned on the fact that the Lightning Network was still not available on Coinbase, Brian Armstrong confirmed that the crypto exchange would eventually offer the solution.

Lightning is great and something we’re going to incorporate,” tweeted the co-founder and head of the San Francisco-based, publicly traded platform.

The Lightning Network, or LNis a Layer 2 payment protocol built on top of Bitcoin that enables faster and cheaper transactions.

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Today, several major exchanges are offering their customers the ability to leverage LN, including Bitfinex and Kraken. Note that the giant Binance does not currently offer it.

Armstrong did not give more details on the deployment of the solution.

Last month, Coinbase expanded its offering with Wallet as a Service (WaaS), a service dedicated to enterprises to create and deploy on-chain and user-friendly wallets.

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