The iPhone 14 could keep the A15 processor. Pro models may be the only ones upgraded to the new A16 Bionic

It seems that the differences between the basic models in the iPhone 14 range and the Pro variants could be bigger than I initially thought. According to Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for launching information about Apple products based on reliable sources in the online space, the cheaper models will not benefit from a processor upgrade. For the first time, Apple will offer a new generation of phones with an older processor, only the Pro models being updated inside.

iPhone 14 and 14 Max could be delivered with the same A15 Bionic processor from 2021

Kuo confirms once again that Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 14 with 4 new models, but without a mini version. He says the new models will be called the iPhone 14 (6.1 ”screen), iPhone 14 Max (6.7”), iPhone 14 Pro (6.1 ”) and iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7”). . Thus, the iPhones of 2022 will be available in only two sizes, with differences in design and internal hardware.

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While the iPhone 14 and 14 Max models will benefit from two-camera systems on the back, they will also retain the old “notch” on the iPhone 13. However, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be equipped with perforated screens. But the biggest difference could be in the performance offered. It is unclear why Apple would choose an older processor, but only the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max could receive the new A16 Bionic, based on a 4nm architecture.

The only internal upgrade that standard models will receive would be in RAM. They will have as much memory as the Pro: 6 GB models. However, here too there could be a small difference: the Pro variants could be equipped with the new LPDDR5, while the standard models also receive LPDDR4X. Although it is rumored that the iPhone 14 Pro will receive a 48-megapixel main camera, new rumors suggest that it will keep a three-megapixel three-camera system, as before.

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Since they won’t get a new design and could keep the same processor, the basic iPhone 14 models seem like simple hardware “refreshes”, while the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are the real new models for 2022. Even with an “outdated” processor, the iPhone 14 models could be some of the best phones on the market at the time of launch, the current A15 processor still surpasses the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in performance tests.

source: Twitter

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