The iPad finally gets the pro apps it deserves

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to iPad.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to iPad.

With a brief announcement, Apple is changing everything I thought the company could do with the innovations for iPadOS 17. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro come for the iPad – as a subscription model.

Until recently, I didn’t have high expectations for Apple’s upcoming tablet operating system – and I was perfectly fine with that. After all, I consider the iPad to be a very good device that provides me with excellent support in my everyday work.

After the surprising announcement, my expectations grew suddenly and I’m excited to see what Apple has in store for WWDC 2023.

iPad Pro: Final Cut and Logic Pro announced ahead of developer conference

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to iPad Pro on May 23rd. The announcement was published yesterday, May 9th – almost a month before the developer conference. You can find everything else about it here:

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iPad: Apple launches popular video editing and music production software previously only available for Macs

Why didn’t Apple save this hammer for WWDC? The stage would have been perfect for that. Now I’m all the more excited to see what Apple has in store for the developer conference.

Waiting since the iOS and iPadOS split some (link to twitter) to such an announcement, or rather the signal that Apple is sending with this move.

iPad is getting closer and closer to a full desktop experience.

However, rumors so far indicate that the manufacturer is planning to add more Mac functions to the tablet. Most recently, the iPad (Pro) was given the “Stage Manager” multitasking feature, which landed on the device in a slimmed-down version.

The Stage Manger has been developed for both macOS and iPadOS.

The Stage Manger has been developed for both macOS and iPadOS.

A larger 14-inch iPad Pro is also said to be in the pipeline from Apple. If these rumors are true, an operating system close to the desktop only makes sense in my opinion.

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Now the professional apps for the iPad Pro are coming and that can only mean one thing for me: Apple is continuing to drill iPadOS.

In 2023, I’m much more excited about software than hardware

Mobile phones have now reached their peak of development. The improvements decrease from year to year (even with foldables), in contrast to the software, which in my opinion is improving significantly and helps older devices in particular to shine again.

In my opinion, iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and Android 13 are excellent mobile operating systems that will most likely receive useful and great improvements again this year.

In 2023 I am therefore looking forward to the Google I/O tonight with regard to Android 14 and to the WWDC in June for iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.

What do you think of Apple’s announcement of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for the iPad? Have you already tried an editing program like iMovie or Davinci Resolve on the tablet? Write it to us in the comments!

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