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Yay! It’s June again and that’s one of the best months of the year if you ask us. Why? Well , that’s the month where you as a fan of tech and gaming get rather spoiled with all kinds of fancy presentations and announcements. Before two weeks of being inundated daily with all the news surrounding games, the past two days in particular have seen a lot of goodies pass by during Apple’s annual presentation, the WWDC.

Were there any highlights during Apple’s presentation this year? Yes, of course there were! Hold on tight!

Apple Vision Pro

Let’s start right off with the most spectacular announcement of WWDC 2023, the Apple Vision Pro. This device looks tremendously like goggles, but in reality it is a “mixed reality” goggle, where you have all the benefits of virtual reality, but you can still see the world around you. In addition to virtual reality, these advanced “goggles” lend themselves very well to augmented reality, where virtual objects are projected onto the “real world. You can control it with your hands, as well as with your eyes and voice.

Of course we want to try this at the editorial office, but we won’t be purchasing anytime soon. This is mainly because of the, shall we say, “challenging price” of 3500 euros! Now we don’t expect to suddenly be walking among people wearing such glasses within a few weeks, but if it catches on, hopefully in the future the price will be a lot more affordable than it is now.

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Mac Pro + M2 Ultra

Of course, Apple also showed off a new Mac Pro, this time with M2 Ultra! The Mac Pro has all kinds of upgrades in terms of PCI expansions and video editing. By the way, you can connect as many as six displays to it!

No, it’s not a grater

Mac Studio + M2 Ultra/ Mac Book Air (15-inch)

Mac Pro is not the only product at Apple with M2 Ultra, the new Mac Studio also runs nice and smooth on it. Like the Pac Pro, you can connect as many as six screens, which is pretty impressive! Furthermore, the whole experience gets a 25% boost according to Apple, and they mean compared to the previous version, which did not include M2 Ultra technology.

Death Stranding to Mac

This is good news for gamers without a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 or PC, as gamers on a Mc can now start enjoying Death Stranding, a game by Metal Gear Solid creator Kojima. That the game is now several years old does not matter, as it is still a lot of fun to play, although you have to like bizarre stories and delivering all kinds of goods.

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iOS17 and iPadOS17

Of course, updates are also back on Apple’s agenda, this time mainly improving communication apps. In addition, NameDrop was introduced, making it easier to share contact information via AirDrop. Journal should ensure better integration of locations, events and photos. Furthermore, Pdf files are better integrated within notes on the iPad.

MacOS Sonoma

Again, this is mostly about feature integration improvements, such as the widgets and screensavers. The widgets are easier to move around and also take on the colors of the background, making everything look nice and sleek. With an improved game mode, you now have even less lag, and Metal 3 should make it easier to port games to the Mac.

tvOS17/ VisionOS/ WatchOS 10

Apple tv gets a facetime app and an improved home page, while WatchOS brings mostly improved widgets. Smart Stack makes it easier to scroll through widgets. VisionOS is designed for Apple’s new mixed reality glasses, Vision Pro, with the device getting its own store.

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