The full story of Spider-Man: No Way Home has escaped online: who published it and why

The script for the most successful feature film of the moment, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” has been released online.

This was done by Sony Pictures, and the decision coincides with another, of the studio, more precisely to advertise, in the context of the upcoming awards gala, in the next period.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” hopes to go home with at least one of the coveted statuettes at the next Oscars, so he does his best to draw attention to himself, either through commercials or interviews with actors from film or, more recently, by publishing the complete script online.

How did “Spider-Man: No Way Home” become so successful?

Obviously, although it is not the first film in the Spider-Man franchise, and it is absolutely certain that it will not be the last, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” stood out precisely for the quality of the script. Unlike other productions, from previous years, “No Way Home” perfectly combined a new story with an older one, to tick both the element of surprise and the one related to nostalgia.

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So we get to know Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trying to meet the challenges, fighting the villains we’ve seen in other movies. Moreover, the notion of multiverse is introduced (with the help of Doctor Strange’s powers), so now we have three Peter Parker, not one. The other two, residents of other universes, are played by acquaintances Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, actors who have worn the costume of the Pajanjen Man in the past.

With the script released online, Sony Pictures is trying to make us understand exactly that: the reason why the sales of the production made the clock jump, is the very well thought out scenario, which differs from everything we’ve seen so far, in a film with and about Peter Parker and his alter-ego.

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Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of another recently revived franchise, “The Matrix Resurrections.”

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