The first national tournament for gamers over 60 years old arrives at DreamHack Valencia

DreamHack Valencia, which will be held at Feria Valencia between July 7 and 9, will have for the first time in its history a esports tournament exclusively for gamers over 60 years old.. “Extra Life” is the name given to a unique tournament that aims to celebrate gamers over 60 years old in order to make visible and promote fair and universal access to e-sports for gamers of all ages.

In fact, according to a recent study published in 2023 by AARP, an American organization dedicated to helping seniors, at this time. players over the age of 50 number approximately 52.4 million worldwidea figure that has been growing steadily in recent years and was boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With decades of trajectory, the video game industry has managed to consolidate and is home to great games and sagas that have managed to reach 40 years or more. Arcanoid, Pang, Street Fighter or Tetris are just some of the most mythical video games in the history of video games that marked the lives of the most veteran gamers. Now these gamers can relive the experience in a luxury space such as DreamHack Valencia and fight for victory in a unique tournament in the world of video games.

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Already at the festival, gamers who have managed to qualify will be able to compete in the live tournament playing games of classic video games and fighting to achieve the highest score.

The winner of “Extra Life” will not only become the official champion of DreamHack’s first-ever tournament for veteran gamers over the age of 60, but will also be eligible to win exclusive prizes such as a Play Station 5.

As the most important digital leisure and video game festival in Spain, DreamHack Valencia wants not only to build an attractive leisure event for all audiences, but also to promote inclusion and diversity in esports and video games. “Extra Life” arises with the clear objective of putting veteran gamers at the center to make visible that the love for video games has nothing to do with age..

Javier Carrión, Director of DreamHack Valencia 2022

DreamHack will also have a whole series of multidisciplinary activities. Among them, the great professional competitions such as the two days of the Superliga, the official League of Legends league in Spain, which will allow fans to enjoy teams as important as KOI, Heretics, Giants or Movistar Riders, reigning champion of the Superliga.

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The festival will feature the tournaments of the second stop of the Iberian International, the on-site circuit of Clash Royale competitions that, as in Esports City Fest Andorra, will once again have Revol Aimar as the official caster of the event. As if this were not enough, DreamHack Fighters, one of the most important parts for the DreamHack community, will host the International Brawlhalla tournament, but also Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter 6 competitions.

This summer edition returns with a full lineup to which are added activities such as the DreamHack Cup, a 3×3 basketball tournament that returns thanks to Valencia Basket, a Beat The Pro in Apex Legends, an Indie Zone where you can enjoy 30 new titles exclusively from indie studios, the piano concert offered by Elesky, foodtrucks, open tournaments, a K-pop dance contest or the classic cosplay contest.

Tickets to attend DreamHack Valencia 2023 are already on sale. Anyone who wants to experience this festival of gaming and digital entertainment can purchase your ticket on the official website:

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