Jump Crypto and Superscrypt invest in OutDID

Zvezdin Besarabov, and Ana-Maria Pricop, co-founders of OutDID – credit: OutDID

OutDID develops a private identity verification solution based on ZK proof. The start-up has just completed a tour de table from 2.5 million dollars directed by Jump Crypto.

In business since last year, the expert in Zero Knowledge proofs – or zero knowledge proofs in French – OutDID accelerates today with a financing round of 2.5 million.

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Led by the crypto branch of the American Jump Tradingthe fundraising also includes the participation of Singaporean blockchain VC Superscrypt and around fifteen business angels.

OutDID provides a identity verification tool mainly based on theage which limits data liability on the application side, while offering users “peace of mind in knowing that their private information is safe”, according to a release.

The solution requires “no centralized access, processing or storage of personal information”. The London-based startup aims to redefine traditional identity verification processes and reduce fraud in this area.

Our ID document verification solution tackles these problems head-on. It’s designed to ensure that not only is verification fraud-resistant, but that personal data remains private, safe from prying eyes,” said Ana-Maria Pricop, the company’s COO and co-founder.

ZK proof startups are attracting more and more capital. Recently, Mind Network, zkMe, zkLink and Demox Labs raised funds for products that also take advantage of this technology.

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