Lexus will unveil new iteration of the LBX – next month.

Lexus has announced that it will unveil an all-new car next month, referring to it as the LBX. As of now, Lexus is keeping its lips tightly sealed about the car, which means we’re missing finer details about the vehicle, but judging by the teaser image and naming convention, we can imply a few things.

First, the car appears to be an SUV in small form, and to add to this, it will likely be a hybrid model, as the X in the name suggests, since Lexus usually reserves Z’s for its all-electric models.

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Otherwise, we’re sure the car will be properly unveiled on June 5 at 7:00 BST / 8:00 CEST, with a full look at the car available here when that time comes.

Lexus unveils new iteration of the LBX next month

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