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Today, Fictiorama Studios and AMC Games announced the release of the indie story-driven strategy game The Fabulous Fear Machine. With its themes of corruption and mass manipulation – and a distinctive comic book style based on 1950s pulp horror – the game offers a uniquely chilling experience for players as Halloween approaches. The Fabulous Fear Machine is available now on Steam, and The Epic Games Store.

Just in time for the scary season, The Fabulous Fear Machine offers a global single-player campaign that makes for a game of widespread hysteria. Each of the three story chapters focuses on a new Master of the Machine as their twisted morality play unfolds. From a scientist’s conquest of the pharmaceutical market in Eurasia, to a small-town insurance salesman’s clumsy foray into local politics, to a hellish tale of televangelization in America, the game denounces the institutional giants of contemporary life.

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“We are so excited about the release of The Fabulous Fear Machine,” said Luis Oliván, co-founder of Fictiorama Studios. “This is our most ambitious game yet: combining narrative mechanics with strategy, cards, resource management, table mechanics and comic books was both challenging and fun. We hope players will enjoy the game as much as we did in developing it.”

Legends are the game’s standout map mechanism and represent urban myths, folk tales and conspiracy theories designed to ensnare the masses. To grow the fear seed that represents player power, Legends must be developed – a process that requires resource management and an opportunity for players to expand their logic and knowledge of horror stories. It rewards players who delve into the core fantasy of a weaver of terrifying tales!

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“The Fabulous Fear Machine is a celebration of the scary story, one that explores how urban legends get under our skin and nestle in our psyche until all we can think about is spreading them,” said Clayton Neuman, VP of Games & Franchise at AMC. “We are so proud to partner with the award-winning developers of Fictiorama to spread this particular kind of fear this Halloween season to horror fans and real-time strategy enthusiasts alike.”

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