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The “ENERGY NOW III” conference, live, from the GÂNDUL LIVE studio, April 6 from 10.00


Gândul.ro invites you to the Conference digital LIVEENERGY NOW III“, On April 6, at 10:00, live online from the Gândul LIVE studio.

The conference can be watched on gandul.ro or on Facebook Gândul and YouTube Gândul.

The global energy crisis has provoked a chain reaction among Romanian consumers. It was necessary to change the legislation in order to be able to cap the prices for electricity and natural gas.

We are analyzing the global energy crisis, along with how it was felt in Romania for both household consumers and the impact on suppliers.


The topics that will be addressed are the following:

  • Measures to protect citizens against rising energy prices
  • Settlement of differences by the state
  • Global energy crisis, effects in Romania
  • The impact of the energy crisis on suppliers
  • Investments for energy independence
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Our special guests will address the specific topics on April 6, from 10:00, live on the Gândul Facebook page, the Gândul YouTube channel and on www.gandul.ro.



  • Daniela Dărăban, Executive Director of the ACUE Federation
  • Corneliu Bodea, CEO of ADREM
  • Cosmin Ghiță, General Manager of Nuclearelectrica
  • Horia Miron Constantinescu, President of ANPC
  • István-Loránt Antal, Chairman of the Committee on Energy, Energy Infrastructure and Mineral Resources
  • Dumitru Chisăliță, President of the Intelligent Energy Association
  • Laurențiu Urluescu, AFEER (Romanian Association of Electricity Suppliers)
  • Dan Dragan, energy expert, Ministry of Energy


Bogdan Pavel – Senior Editor Gândul LIVE

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