The electric car can reduce your current bill: how good is the solution

The new Ford F-150 Lightning electric utility truck will be used by California-based company PG&E to explore how the car’s vehicle-to-grid technology can interact with the grid and make electricity more reliable.

Ford launched its long-awaited electric F-150 Lightning in May 2021 and began pre-production in September, before revealing sales figures in October 2021 that the F-150 had accumulated over 160,000 bookings, and by December he had over 200,000 reservations.

Among the many delights reserved for the owners of the new F-150 Lightning electric is the role that vehicle-to-charge (V2L) and vehicle-to-home (V2H) technology will play.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Ford Motor Company will now work together to explore how the new F-150 Lightning and its two-way Intelligent Backup Power charging capabilities can interact with the grid, as well as provide backup power for homes. in the PG&E service area.

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Ford’s Intelligent Backup Power system allows the F-150 Lightning to automatically start powering the home when connected to the 80-amp Ford Pro charging station and home integration system.

The Intelligent Backup Power system is also paired with a Sunrun solar power system, and when paired with the F-150 Lightning extended-battery system, it can store 131 kWh of power and provide up to 9.6 kW of power, the F-150 actually offers more capacity than many wall-mounted battery units.

Ford continues to innovate

“The F-150 Lightning brings new innovations to customers, including the ability to power their homes when they need it most,” said Matt Stover, Ford’s director of charging and energy services.

It is this technology that PG&E is looking to take advantage of in its new announced cooperation with Ford.

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Through an early adoption opportunity, PG&E will explore how Ford’s Intelligent Backup Power technology interconnects with the grid, which is needed to power the truck’s battery, and how it can support customer resilience during grid outages.

“Today, we see revolutionary opportunities at the crossroads of the energy and transportation industries,” said Patti Poppe, CEO of PG&E Corporation.

“As more electric vehicles and new charging technologies become available, it is essential that we better understand how electric vehicles can interact with the grid and how we can best support our customers. By working with carmakers like Ford, we are innovating together for a cleaner, safer and brighter future for all. ”

“It’s a big deal to take this next two-way loading step, which Ford is uniquely positioned to do,” said James D. Farley, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company. “We’re excited to get started with PG&E.”

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