The Dream House in Barbie is real

Barbie is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, and fans often clamor for every bit of information they can get about the film. Now Barbie-dreamhouse-a-fuchsia-fantasy-inspired-by-palm-springs” target=”_blank”>Architectural Digest has revealed versions of the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse created for the film.

Besides the gaudy pink that hits you like a truck, you might notice that Barbie’s Dreamhouse is incredibly open, allowing anyone to look inside and see virtually every part of her home. “There are no walls and no doors.” says director Greta Gerwig. “Dreamhouses assume that you never have anything you wish was private – there is no place to hide.”

Production designer Sarah Greenwood and set designer Katie Spencer collaborated on designing the Dreamhouse, inspired by Palm Springs while striving to make Barbie feel as real as possible, but still separate from our world.

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The designers even ordered their own Barbie Dreamhouse to learn more about it. “The scale was very strange,” Said Spencer. Gerwig added: “The ceiling is actually quite close to someone’s head and it only takes a few steps to cross the room. It has the strange effect of making the actors seem big in the room, but small overall.”

What do you think? Would you feel like living in Barbie’s Dreamhouse?


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