Google says goodbye to Samsung chip to improve battery life

The Pixel Watch 2 could come with better battery life.

The Pixel Watch 2 could come with better battery life.

The next Google conference is coming up in the fall and the second generation of the Pixel Watch is expected to be there as well.

One of the many criticisms was the modest battery life compared to other smartwatch representatives. According to the latest rumors, Google is supposed to eliminate this weakness this year – thanks to a new processor.

You can find our test of the Pixel Watch here:

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Google Pixel Watch 2 expected with new chip and new sensors

As the website 9to5Google reports, Google will probably switch to a more powerful chip, the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1, for the next Pixel Watch generation.

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The Exynos processor 9110 from Samsung is installed in the current Google smartwatch.

The new 4-nanometer SoC has four A53 cores with 1.7 GHz and two Adreno GPUs with 1 GHz.

In contrast, Samsung’s Exynos chip only has two Cortex-A53 cores. The chip change will not only result in better overall performance, but also in longer battery life if the rumors are true.

According to the report linked above, even the Pixel Watch 2 will not have a much bigger battery. However, battery life is expected to last more than a full day with the always-on display on.

If the upcoming watch is run on a low flame, a runtime of around two days can be expected. The Pixel Watch currently comes to 24 hours without the always-on display switched on.

For many interested parties, this information for a smartwatch should still be too little. Compared to the current generation, however, they would be a significant improvement.

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Wear OS 4 should also do its part for optimization.

What sensors does the Google watch get? The better chip is probably not the end of the road. Fitbit Sense 2 sensors will be in the upcoming Pixel Watch, making it possible to measure stress and skin temperature.

The latest smartwatch from Google will probably be presented together with the upcoming Pixel 8 series. All previous information can be found here:

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The battery life of the Pixel Watch 2 could be a lot better. What do you think of the current generation? Did you get the Google Smartwatch or was the battery life also a sticking point for you? Or do you have no problem plugging in the gadget once a day or at night anyway? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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