The ‘comuns’ ask Salut about the closure of the natural childbirth center in Martorell

The parliamentary group of the ‘comuns’ has registered a battery of questions in the Parliament so that the Conselleria de Salut to clarify the causes of the closure of the natural childbirth center of the Fundació Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Martorell (Barcelona).

In the questions, the ‘comuns’ demand to know. what measures Salut has promoted to guarantee the continuity of the project and if it can ensure its reopening.

All this, after the Associació Catalana de Llevadors stated that the closure of the center is. provisional and that it is due to the resignation of several midwives, as a result of disagreements with the project and its conditions.

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The ‘comuns’ ask to know how many women have been affected by the shutdown and if Salut considers that, after the resignation of the midwives “for having doubled shifts in the face of the management’s inability” to hire more professionals, it is possible to maintain confidence in the management foundation.

“Do you plan to ask for explanations and responsibilities?”, concludes the battery of questions, signed by the deputy of the ‘comuns’ David Cid.

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