The beautiful “teacher” of Freckles: once in Hungary, the film career was never the same for Réka Nagy

The name Réka Nagy is a nostalgic one for film buffs who were fond of pre-revolutionary productions made in our country.

The actress is best known for her impeccable roles in the series Pistruiatul and Brigada Diverse.

However, she chose, at some point, to give up her career in Romanian cinema, just when she was in her prime.

She went to Hungary, tried acting there too, but didn’t have the same success as in Romania.

Réka Nagy pistruiatul actress story
Réka Nagy – image from The Freckle (TV series, 1973)

Réka Nagy, an elegant and extremely talented actress

In the 1970s, the Hungarian-born actress chose to move to Hungary, but in terms of her film career, this decision was not exactly a timely one. She still acted there, but very little.

As for her career in Romania, it was quite extensive, the actress being particularly known for her roles in the B.D. series, as well as Pistruiatul.

The Freckled had ten episodes, and Réka Nagy played the role of the teacher of the main character to whom Costel Băloiu gave life.

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Beautiful and extremely talented, Nagy couldn’t go unnoticed even if she struggled, and this helped her enormously both in terms of her relationship with filmmakers and with film consumers, who adored her.

However, soon after the premiere of Freckled, Réka Nagy decided to move to Budapest.

“The series reached record audiences, so many generations remember the Freckle Professor. She approached with understanding all the roles entrusted to her, imagining herself in them in accordance with her way of being, “Songs of the Sea”, “Lupeni 20”, “Golgotha”, “Saint Theresa and the Devils”.

Throughout her film career, the actress starred in:

  • At the Age of Love (1963);
  • Golgotha (1966);
  • Songs of the Sea (1971);
  • Miscellaneous Brigade on the alert (1971);
  • B.D. in the mountains and at sea (1971);
  • Saint Teresa and the devils (1972);
  • Love Begins Friday (1972);
  • The Freckled One (TV series, 1973);
  • Three Secret Letters (1974);
  • Ámokfutás (1974);
  • Kísértet Lublón (1976).
Réka Nagy actress 1
Réka Nagy – picture from B.D. in the mountains and the sea (1971)

Moved to Budapest, but never forgot the film that made her famous

As soon as she moved to Hungary, Réka Nagy was never for a second interested in revisiting the film that made her famous.

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In 2008, the publication Jurnalul managed to get an interview. “It was a great success for me this film. I’ve been living here in Budapest for thirty-odd years, but every time I came home I heard it was being shown.

I finished the Institute in Tirgu-Mures in 1962. I had a few small roles and I would like you to know that Hungarian actors were very much loved. In Freckled I played with famous actors like Sergiu Nicolaescu, Ion Dichiseanu, which was a great thing for me. In 1975 I left. I haven’t seen the film since. I remember around 1972-1973, when I filmed it, kids were sitting on cars and whistling the soundtrack of the film.

It was loved by the world, the music was very good. It was beautiful. Costel Băloiu was very clever, he did everything the director asked. He was spontaneous, I remember there were no problems. Yes, I got into the role easily, it was closer to high school then, so it wasn’t too hard. I’m quite old now.

I look at how time has gone by and it seems awfully fast. In Oradea we filmed, the people there loved filming, everything was perfect. Unfortunately, Francisc Munteanu passed away and I think it’s a great loss. I’d like to thank those who haven’t forgotten me and greet them all with love,” said Réka Nagy.

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