Wireless charging for mobile phones moves to Qi2 standard, derived from Apple MagSafe

Unlike Lightning, Qi2 is not a proprietary format owned by Apple, and accessories based on it will work equally well with iPhone and Android phones.

Although it lost out in the physical connector segment, having been forced by European authorities to replace its own Lightning format with USB-C, Apple manages to gain a foothold in the wireless charging technology niche with an adaptation of its own MagSafe format. Contrary to expectations, this is good news for all mobile device users

Dubbed Qi2, the new universal standard for wireless charging incorporates key MagSafe technologies such as the magnet-assisted automatic device alignment and attachment system, essential for maximising power transfer efficiency and shortening charging time.

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Validated by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the new Qi2 charging standard will go through an initial implementation phase. This means that device manufacturers will not be required to implement it on devices and accessories this year. However, given the importance this feature will have in the not-too-distant future, it is expected that the new certification will quickly appear in the list of specifications for new devices on the release calendar of smartphone manufacturers large and small.

The good news is that Qi and Qi2 formats are compatible, meaning that Qi devices will be able to be charged wirelessly with Qi2 adapters and vice versa, some compromises on the side of good speed and power transfer efficiency.

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