The Batman changed everything you knew about success: the HBO Max movie-cinematic release paid off

The effect of the pandemic on the situation in cinemas, but also on streaming platforms, has changed the way success is now perceived. However, the release of The Batman made it impossible to use these numbers to compare the performance of the movies, as you will see below.

The film industry is changing in many ways, and thanks to some of these changes, it’s harder than ever to understand how movies work commercially.

The success of The Batman works according to its own rules

The Batman isn’t the first successful pandemic film to be released, but its particular cast model, along with its huge theatrical and HBO Max performance, just 46 days after it hit the big screen, proves that a mixed model, like this, works great.

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The emergence of streaming platforms also makes it difficult to measure movie performance, because while more data on audience behavior is now available than ever, it’s hard to know for sure what all this means: all private information is advertised somewhat selectively by the platforms. streaming.

The differences in the post-pandemic box office make it difficult to compare the performance of a film with the films before the break-up of the film industry.

Moreover, ticket prices have always varied depending on factors such as location, format, time of day or day of the week – traditionally all movies have followed the same rules, but that has changed with The Batman, with AMC charging a fixed amount for movie compared to other movies. Variable prices are an exciting opportunity that the industry is sure to explore as it continues to adapt to the post-pandemic box office.

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All we have to do is wait for The Batman 2 to see if this recipe will continue to be successful.

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