The bad news of the morning for all those with petrol and diesel cars. What all the drivers saw at the pump now

Bad news for drivers, again. After a drop in petrol and diesel prices in recent days, Petrom, the leader in the fuel distribution market, has raised prices again today.

Diesel fuel has risen in price by more than 30 liters a liter in the last week, according to an observation on the Economica website. It can be seen that Petrom has increased the price of petrol and diesel sold in its own stations by ten pennies per liter. For example, the Petrom station on Șoseaua Virtuții in Bucharest today displayed a standard diesel price of 8.21 lei / liter, while standard gasoline costs 7.83 lei / liter at this station.

Bad news for drivers with petrol and diesel cars

This is the fourth price increase this week. In total, diesel has risen by 33 bani per liter, and petrol by ten bani per liter – is the first increase in the price of petrol in this period. The price increases of the last days come after a period of three consecutive days of reductions, in which the prices had decreased by 25 money per liter.

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After the price of oil fell from $ 130 to $ 98 a barrel, prices began to rise again more than a week ago. Today, a barrel of Brent oil is trading at $ 119 amid a mix of factors, from uncertainties over an embargo on Russian oil supplies to market imbalances.

Energy experts tell us that these unfavorable price developments on the international crude oil market are due to disruptions in crude oil exports from Russia and Kazakhstan through the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) pipeline due to bad weather. That being the case, investors have become particularly concerned about global supply.

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Unfortunately, a port agent and the head of the CPC claim that the bad weather continues, according to the international press. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak later said that the CPC’s oil supply could be completely shut down for up to two months.

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