The Avengers turned into dinosaurs –

The Avengers have been many things. Robots, zombies, and now we can add dinosaurs to the mix. In the latest issue of Fantastic Four (thanks, GamesRadar), our hero squad faces a multiversal invasion.

This sends us a number of giant reptiles in familiar outfits, as we see Captain America as a Spinosaurus, Iron Man as a Brachiosaurus, Thor as a Parasaurolophus, Doctor Strange as a Shantungosaurus and more.

Doctor Doom comes in as a terrifying T-Rex, which admittedly also has a lot of comic value due to its tiny arms. There have been other dinosaur superheroes before, but this prehistoric superteam comes from a different universe altogether, not even from the same world as Spider-Rex.

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The Avengers have turned into dinosaurs

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