The Apple Watch will probably get the biggest changes in almost 9 years in 2024

The Apple Watch X could come in 2024.  (Image: DIVERSITY,

The Apple Watch X could come in 2024. (Image: DIVERSITY,

In 2024, Apple should finally have another major update for the Apple Watch up its sleeve. This probably means several innovations, but could also be at the expense of compatibility.

Because the design of the Apple Watch has changed slightly since 2014, the closure of the bracelets on the underside has remained the same to this day, which means permanent compatibility.

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, this could change next year, along with other functions.

Apple Watch X with new display technology

The biggest change that we could expect in the next year is the use of a completely new display technology.

Apple could start equipping the Apple Watch X – the name of the anniversary smartwatch – with a micro-LED display as early as next year.

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This screen technology is said to surpass the colors and clarity of existing OLED displays.

Gurman also writes that Apple is working on a new bracelet mechanism. This has not changed since the presentation in 2014 and probably takes up a lot of space in the case.

A change to a magnetic closure, for example, could make room for larger batteries while allowing for a slimmer case, says Mark Gurman.

However, the Apple expert doubts that such changes are already imminent in 2024. We may not see these new smartwatch features until 2025 – along with blood pressure monitoring.

Apple Watch Series 9 will be an incremental upgrade

The changes are likely to be less significant this year. In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman again emphasizes that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 will be an incremental upgrade.

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Apple even considered deviating from an annual upgrade cycle.

One of the most important innovations is a new, more powerful chip that is supposed to improve battery life. There will also be a larger selection of colors this year.

There are signs that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be launched in black.

The Apple expert even speaks of “probably the smallest upgrade in the history of the product”, which is also reflected in the current rumors about the Series 9:

Apple could launch an anniversary smartwatch in 2024, as will be the case with the iPhone X. It remains to be seen to what extent the tenth generation of the Apple Watch will change.

What do you think of the rumors about an Apple Watch X? What changes do you think the smartwatch urgently needs to bring? Feel free to write it below in the comments!

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