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Flashscore, the world’s largest network in terms of real-time live scores, news, statistics and other sports updates, is making upcoming soccer season even more interesting. Starting with the 23/24 season, it is publishing a number of new statistics. For example, each week it will publish a Top 11 player lineup based on the individual data Flashscore collects during games. This makes it the most objective Top 11 lineup each week. The Eredivisie will be one of eighty leagues for which this lineup appears weekly.

Players are assigned a rating based on their play, ranging from 0 to 10. The starting value is a 6. Successful actions, such as assists, defending effectively or scoring a goal, result in a higher rating, while fouls or missed tackles, for example, negatively affect the grade. A few minutes after the referee’s final whistle, the statistics are available on Flashscore.

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By collecting accurate statistics, Flashscore is also able to estimate the outcome of the match. Via “Expected Goals” (xG), the probability is estimated whether a shot will result in a goal. Calculating xG takes into account a player’s position on the field and the effectiveness of thousands of similar shots.

Team of the 22/23 season

Based on last season’s data, Flashscore also determined a Top 11 lineup. However, we will not see this lineup again next season. Indeed, the good results have not gone unnoticed. Although seven of the eleven players from last season’s star team can also be admired in the Eredivisie next year, the remaining four will make the move to a new league.

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In last season’s team, Nick Olij earned a place under the crossbar. He is still under contract with Sparta Rotterdam. Defenders Joshua Brenet (FC Twente), David Hancko (Feyenoord), Gijs Smal (FC Twente) and Maximilian Wittek (Vitesse) and midfielder Joey Veerman (PSV) also enter the new season with their old club.

However, Xavi Simons (PSV) makes the switch to RB Leipzig in the German Bundesliga, and Orkun Kökcü (Feyenoord) makes a transfer to Portuguese Benfica. Striker Vaclav Cerny goes from FC Twente to VfL Wolfsburg. Dusan Tadic has traded Ajax for Fenerbahçe in Turkey. Tobias Lauritsen also belongs to the selection of Sparta Rotterdam next season. So next year we can speak of a new composition anyway.

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