The actress of a beauty out of the ordinary “stole” the most important film and theatre scenes: “victim” of a great turmoil, Ioana Bulcă

Ioana Bulcă is one of the country’s best-loved theatre and film actresses, equally appreciated for her beauty.

Throughout her career she has worked in films, theatre and radio, proving her talent in each of these niches.

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Ioana Bulcă, a gigantic talent and a more than pleasant stage presence

Ioana Bulcă was born, according to Wikipedia, in 1936, although there are sources that state her birth year could be 1933 or even 1935.

What is known for sure is that the artist first opened her eyes in the town of Podari, in Dolj county, near Craiova, but she grew up in Sibiu, the city she recognizes as her hometown.

As a child, Ioana Bulcă took singing and piano lessons, but also studied French and English. It can be said that she prepared herself as a child to become an actress, and this wish has come true.

She studied at the I.A.T.C., and her first appearance was in the film Mora cu Noroc, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Ion Slavici.

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She was an actress of the National Theatre of Bucharest for more than 60 years, and throughout her long career she acted in countless films where she stood out for her talent, but also for her pleasant physical appearance.

Among the most famous films in which Ioana Bulcă starred we mention: Mihai Viteazul, Astă seara dansăm în familie, Ciprian Porumbescu, Cantemir, Burebista, Șantaj or Rest is Silence, from 2008, where she played the role of Aristizzei.

Moreover, the actress received the award for the best female performance for the role of Doamna Stanca in Mihai Viteazul, the “Centenary of Romanian Cinema 1896-1996” medal for her contribution to the progress of national cinema, as well as a Gopo award for “best actress of 2008”, among many other distinctions, obviously.

Ioana Bulcă – archive image

Ioana Bulcă: “But as an actress I’m a killer emotionally!”

Although the public has never noticed this aspect, as she is, by definition, a professional, according to her statements, Ioana Bulcă was, in reality, an extremely emotional person, especially on stage.

“As an actress, however, I’m a killer of emotion! In the first days of filming Mihai Viteazul, Sergiu Nicolaescu would get furious, because as soon as the lights went on, my eyes would fill with tears. Then he got used to it, or maybe he got to know me. The truth is that I worked very well with him and I’m glad he cast me in his new film. He’s a director who knows what to ask of each actor. He knows what each one can give. And for me that’s very important. Because I belong to that category of actors who “give too much”, who overdo it. So the director has to pick and choose from what I do and even beat me at some point.

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However, the great actress noted that, “fortunately I am not ‘a recalcitrant’, and the moment a director inspires me with confidence, I let myself be directed as he wishes. After all, the film belongs to the director. The actor is a subject he works with. A dough or a hard stone, a material anyway, which he shapes as he wishes. There have been and still are many great theatre actors who have given nothing on film. And I believe that the director’s hand is to blame. The wand.

That’s why I admire Sergiu Nicolaescu so much. He knows how to go straight to the right actor”, Ioana Bulcă also said about her complicated relationship with the great and late director Sergiu Nicolaescu.

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