The A16 processor in the iPhone 14 Pro, almost as powerful as the M1 in the iPad Pro and MacBook

The iPhone 14 Pro phones don’t arrive in stores until Friday, September 16, but performance tests are appearing in public ahead of them. We already know that in GeekBench, the new processors come with upgrades within expectations, but the performance contribution in AnTuTu seems to be above what we expected. It seems that on the GPU side, Apple is coming with significant improvements that bring the phone close to scoring a million points in the famous test. Still, probably due to the small amount of RAM, Android phones manage to achieve higher scores.

AnTuTu test suggests new iPhone 14 Pro offers “laptop-like” performance

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have already been tested with AnTuTu in their top configurations. Both models have 6GB of RAM as standard and can be configured with storage up to 1TB. The new Apple A16 chipset is not hugely different from the previous A15 model, retaining the hexa-core configuration with 2 high-performance and four efficient cores. The big difference is the higher frequency, provided by the improved manufacturing process. For the first time, Apple is shipping a 4nm mobile processor, something its competitors have been offering since 2021.

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The iPhone 14 Pro scored 978,147 points in AnTuTu, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max scored 972,936 points in the same test. Both are within the margin of error, even though the smaller model seems to be performing a bit better. The improvements over the previous generation are around 19%, with those scoring in the 830,000 area in the same test. The biggest improvements are seen on the GPU side, where performance is 30% higher than the previous generation.

The performance revealed by the iPhone 14 Pro in AnTuTu is comparable to what the M1 processor iPad Pro tablet offered last year, which hit around a million points. Basically, Apple’s phones are now almost as high performing as its top tablets, as well as laptops like the previous generation MacBook Pro and Air.

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