Test your knowledge: What was the most popular mobile phone in history?

Launched in 2003, it would go on to become the most popular mobile phone of all time, with over 250 million units shipped. This performance will probably never be surpassed by another mobile device model. What was the name of this legendary Nokia phone?

  • Nokia 1200
  • Nokia 1101
  • Nokia 3310
  • Nokia 1100

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Photo: eMAG

Correct answer: Nokia 1100

The phone was announced on 27 August 2003, and production ceased in September 2009. Although there were more advanced models on the market, the Nokia 1100 was preferred due to its affordable price. At the time most users, especially in developing markets, wanted a device for calls and SMS. However, the Nokia 1100 came with some interesting features: it included a flashlight, was dustproof and had the games Snake II and Space Impact+ pre-installed.

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The phone’s design was developed at the Nokia Design Center in California.

After the model was allegedly used for computer attacks against banks, Nokia 1100 phones produced in Bochum, Germany, ended up selling for tens of thousands of dollars apiece.

Photo credit: video capture (YouTube/Nokia Phones Collection)

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