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Tesla is once again pricing Full Self-Driving. Now costs the same as a new car


Elon Musk was threatening potential customers just a few weeks ago that he was preparing to make access to the Full Self-Driving system more expensive. It had already been priced several times and had reached $12,000, but the new price hike brings the price up to that of a well-equipped new car. Starting September 5, 2022, all cars ordered from Tesla will require paying an additional $15,000 over the standard price to buy access to the FSD system.

Even though it’s not yet available to the general public, Tesla is steadily pricing the Full Self-Driving option

Basically, those who have already ordered Tesla cars with FSD included, or who will do so by September 5, will receive their cars once they are delivered with the software system enabled, at the current price of $12,000 USD. Only cars ordered from 5 September onwards will be subject to the price increase.

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Musk believes Tesla’s FSD system is what represents the true future of his autonomous car company. As such, the company has invested a lot of resources in its development over the years, and those investments seem to be paid back again from customers. Originally priced at $7,000, the system has now risen to $10,000, already a steep price for a software option that most customers can’t even use. But in just a few years, the price went up again, to 12,000 and now 15,000, without this system ever being released. There’s also now the option to access the system on a monthly subscription basis, at $199, for those who don’t want to pay a fixed amount up front.

Incidentally, only a maximum of 100,000 users in the US have access to Full Self-Driving at this time, in a beta version that still faces many bugs. But the system is sold all over the world, even in countries where such technologies are not yet well regulated. And despite the name suggesting that the car is 100% self-driving, the current FSD system, where available, still requires the driver’s attention at all times, as well as the need to take control of the car in more complicated situations.

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Tesla has just begun shipping FSD beta 10.69.2 to drivers, which improves the speed of response to pedestrian and cyclist activity, but also offers improvements to the automatic lane change system for greater passenger comfort.

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