Tennis Canada announces VR tennis tournament

Agency, Tennis Canadahas announced a virtual reality tennis esports tournament to be held later this year. The tournament will be called Tennis Canada VR Tournament and will feature a prize to be distributed of $15,000. The top two finishers will travel to Canada to compete in the finals of the National Bank Openone of the main tournaments of the ATP1000 and the WTA.

The title sponsor of the tournament will be. Motorolamore specifically its Razr sub-brand of foldable smartphones. For the time being, the two parties have not announced any activations during the finals.

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This is the first time that Tennis Canada enters e-sports. The tournament is open to all interested players.although certain requirements must be met, such as owning a helmet and virtual reality equipment (Oculus Quest 2).

The video game to be used for the tournament is called. Tennis Esportsthe organization has commented that it has been selected as it has the best virtual gameplay available in VR today, and that it offers a more realistic experience comparable to playing real tennis.

There will be two game modes available, and players will be able to acquire tournament points in one or both of them. The game modes are Instant Matchan online multiplayer mode, and Hit’em Alla single-player arcade mode in which players have to hit targets.

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The tennis tournament in which the final will be played, also known as. Canada Mastersis held annually in Ontario and Quebec.

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