Tekken World Tour returns in 2024

The video game publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has announced the return of the Tekken World Tour by 2024. The tour will integrate EVO Japan 2024 into its calendar., y Chipotle, Venum and Victrix by PDP will join the league as commercial partners.

The Tekken World Tour is the highest-level competition for the title, a fighting franchise created in 1994. The new iteration of the game, Tekken 8, will replace Tekken 7, a title played during the last World Tour. The competition will begin on April 13 during EVO Japan., y BANDAI NAMCO has announced that all World Tour stops will be in-person events.

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There will be four types of competitions during the World Tour: Master+, Master, Challenger and Dojo.. Players will earn points that will then be used to rank them on a global leaderboard. Those who earn the most points on the global and regional leaderboards will have the opportunity to advance to the World Finals, the final event of the season.

In this year’s edition, the best Tekken 8 players will compete in the two Master+ qualifying events to be held in April. The Master+ events are the top-rated events in Tekken esports. In addition, the video game developer has announced that. interested third-party organizers can apply to organize Dojo tournaments worldwide.

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To support the new season, BANDAI NAMCO has announced three initial partners for the World Tour, U.S.-based restaurant chain Chipotlethe boxing apparel brand Venum and the hardware brand Victrix. In addition to appearing in events and activations, Venum will offer clothing inspired by Tekken characters Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix and Jin Kazama.; y Victrix will create a series of eight special edition Tekken 8 controllers.

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